The 614 Smackdown – Dropouts


The 614 Smackdown

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Recently Dropouts and Dead City were fortunate enough to host a Burning Hammer led, all-ages hardcore event right on the shop floor. Aiming to bring light to the underappreciated hardcore scene in Brisbane, the event offered that and so much more. Accompanied by powerful imagery by @theshaneoliverexperience, Burning Hammer has written a letter to the community which can be read below.

"Thank you for everyone who showed up and gave their energy for the 614 Smackdown all ages show, everyone at Burning Hammer Records can’t express our gratefulness for how everything turned out. This show proved just how strong hardcore is in Brisbane City. I can safely speak for all of the bands when we say that was one of the best shows we’ve all played in Brisbane."

"A massive shout out to Dropouts and Dead City Barber for providing us the space to be able to put something like this on, something that Brisbane hasn’t had in a long time – an All Ages hardcore show at a community space run by us and for us, in the heart of the city that we all love. Please continue to support Dropouts and Dead City."

"In terms of what is next for Burning Hammer Records in 2024, we have more releases coming with new bands and more shows planned in Brisbane and interstate with an aim of continuing to showcase what Brisbane and Australian hardcore has to offer"

"We believe hardcore music is for the youth, so our aim is of course to continue to present shows in an all ages capacity so young people can keep enjoying the community that has provided all of us so much since we were all young, so keep an eye out for more collaborations between BHR, Dropouts and Dead City."

- 614 - Australian Hardcore

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