• Name: Jay Musk - Team Manager
  • Spawned: 1979 
  • From: Planet Earth
  • Instagram: @Jaymusk
  • Sponsors: 138 Skateboards, Thunder trucks, Fruitygrip, wearedropouts

"I have been skateboarding for 32 years so far, I am addicted to it. I run 138 skateboards and Bohemia skateboards and help support skateboarding as much as I can. I have had a hand in getting a lot of skateparks in and around Brisbane built. And will continue to work to keep things in Brisbane rad."


  • Name: Stefano Loprete
  • Spawned: 2002 
  • From: The Netherlands
  • Instagram: @stiff666steef
  • Sponsors: 138 Skateboards, wearedropouts, Fruitygrip

"My name is Stefano Loprete but everyone calls me stiff, I love sushi and lasagne especially when my mum makes it. Skating is fucking tight, All the boys kicking on daily is my favorite part of it all.'

  • My special powers:

Hard flips and Tre Bombs

  • My Weaknesses:

Snapping boards all the time and Acting Childish

I also really love Pasta and stuff #Italia"


  • Name: Wojji (Lachlan Taylor)
  • Spawned: 1999
  • From: BrisVEGAS
  • Instagram: @woj.eqtrx4 (May change)
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts

"Hey my name is Lachie, and I'm a 3rd-year physics student at QUT whos loves skateboarding, for me, it has always been an escape that I can utilize when uni work or relationships stress me out too much. Skateboarding has helped me manage all the stressors in life and continues to keep me sane.

  • My abilities:

Feebles and Impossibles

  • Weaknesses:



  • Name: Noah Webb
  • Spawned: 2002
  • From: Brooklyn
  • Instagram: @___webb___
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts

"my name is Noah but people call me Webb, I'm born in nyc Brooklyn raised at Paddington skatepark. I like bomb the flips and nose grinds. I spend my spare time watching 411 skating and kicking it with the boys"



  • Name: Nathan Ruzicka
  • Spawned: 1996
  • From: Tasmania
  • Instagram: @nathanruzicka
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts

"Born in Tassie and have lived in Queensland for 15 years. if I'm not skating, I'm still on the grind or enjoying myself. Qualified trade, AFL is god. If its organic don't panic.

  • Pro's:

Blunts and Blunts

  • Cons:

Head Injuries"


  • Name: Ryan Emrich
  • Spawned: 2002
  • From: Brisbane
  • Instagram: @rhin0ss
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts

''My Name is Ryan Emrich I love skating Jindalee skatepark, sleeping, eating, playing Playstation and sometimes I like to play drums too. I was born in Brisbane and recently just got spono by Dropouts, as well as turning 18. 

  • My Superpowers include:

Eating a lot of food, making bomb ice coffee, and a nice kickflip.

I like to do big airs over the hip at Jindo and my dog's name is Benson and he will bite you"



  • Name: Eamon Johnson
  • Spawned: 2001
  • From: Ipswich
  • Instagram: @eamoff
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts

"My name is Eamon, grew up in Ipswich/Brisbane. Been skating for 6 years, Love hitting the streets with mates, C block, a good car park session, and most of all Jindalee.  Shoutout Bellbowrie skatepark

  • Superpower:


  • Weakness





  • Name: Mitch Roberts
  • Spawned: 2000
  • From: Yamba, NSW
  • Instagram: @strobeintheface
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts, Petra's Convenience Store 

"Hey, My names Mitch, I'm 20 years old from Yamba, NSW. Ive been living in Brisvegas for the last year and a bit now And have been loving it. I waste my Spare time Skating, Designing furniture, Watching films, Home Zoots.


Drinking Beers, Back Smith Grinds


Drinking Beers, Hardflips




  • Name: John Bones
  • Spawned: 1983
  • From: Griffith
  • Instagram: @picabones_
  • Sponsors: wearedropouts, 138 Skateboards, Back Truck Terrorism


My passion for skateboarding, draining your back yard pools, don't mind grinding the old truck till it snaps either.


Skateboard tricks, mellow transitions.



    • Name: Dan Pitcher
    • Spawned: 2005
    • From: Brisbane
    • Instagram: @dan_picture__
    • Sponsors: wearedropouts, 138 Skateboards

    "Yeah nah hi im Dan I'm 15 from Brisbane Southside, I'm really short (5'3) partly illiterate and you'll find me at Fairfield"


    Eating shit, front smiths, back threes


    Eating shit, flip tricks