Dropouts -

Swollen Ankle- We Love Riding

What Is this?

We decided to keep you guys entertained with this blog or whatever you want to call it, post up product we will release, skate videos but more importantly share with you guys what our brissy’s skate scene looks like. Not talking about the whole of this place but what goes on with local crews, our riders. their art and their whack concept of life.


Dropouts is not just a store running the slogan “Support Your Local” but it's true, we focus on skateboarding traditions. What would you call skateboarding traditions? Bunch of annoying teens hanging around and asking for a discount? Sitting down after a good skate or before one arguing which was the freshest clip of a video or making people feel at home when they walk in the shop because we all love the same thing?


At the end of the day, it is all up to you how you perceive it all! And all you old dudes and chicks, you all know what we’re on about because here shit hasn’t changed since nearly over 30 years ago. Don’t worry your childhood is still alive and well