"Rat Bastards" Dropouts Tee and Shoot

Posted by Stefano Loprete on

"It’s been a lengthy period of time since our last local prints dropped, the ‘rat bastard’ tee and tote is now available in-store and online.

Featuring an electrified rat sizzled to the bone, fitting for the summer weather coming. Parade the inner skate rat you are and sizzle this virus to the grip of your board and while you're at it make sure you're equipped with this tee to defend your chest and back from the warming rays.

Wear the ‘rat bastard’ don’t be one! - Yan Xenophon Katsiotis"

Models: Mitch Roberts (@strobeintheface) Noah Webb (@___webb___)

Photographer: Stefano Loprete (@stiff666steef)

The day the new shop tees arrived I called up the boys got them to do their thing, practising with the new shop DLSR for future product shots and shoots for you guys and the social media.

We got inspired when we did the shoot for the Civilist dunks and all the supportive feedback we got! 

Definitely going to be doing this a lot more and spam our Instagram page 

we've been wanting to expand our game and share more with the world and become more known world wide but nothing like that can happen without the help of you guys,

all the shares and comments real have been pushing us to go harder.

Much appreciated from us to you guys!