Fucked Up Blind Kids Re-Issue Decks

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Fucked Up Blind Kids Re-Issue Decks

Fucked Up Blind Kids series Decks

The Fucked Up Blind Kids series check all the boxes and cemented the notorious reputation of Rocco further to the pages of skateboarding history.

The year was 1992 and the juggernaut that Rocco’s World Industries camp had become was going full steam ahead. The previous year Blind had released what is arguably one of the most influential and loved skateboard videos of all time – Video Days.

(Heat Transferred Decks)

The decks are a parody based on the Garbage Pail Kids Trading cards and stickers that were popular a few years before with kids all around the world. The cards were a vulgar response parody to the overly cute Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which flooded the toy market in the early 1980s

Available Instore and Online! So stoked to be able to have these in!

Made by Primewood and not just heat transferred but screen printed ones in additional colours available too!!!

(Screen Printed Decks)